Pricing is important. We make sure we are offering as much value for the price as possible. Our goal is to get you the highest rate of successful serves as possible so that you can focus on other things. We do a minimum of 5 attempts or until all address and contact abilities have been exhausted. This allows us to try more attempts than most of our competition and increases the chance of a successful serve. We provide 5 ways of proof of service so that your services have an extremely low rate of being contested, saving you time and money.

Restraining Orders, Divorce Suits, Child Support suits, Child Custody suits, Evictions, Complaints, Orders to appear, and all Summons and Subpoenas. We do it ALL!

  • Standard Service (First attempt made in 3-5 days) at least 5 attempts made or all address and contact abilities have been exhausted. $60 for St. Louis County, $80 for all surrounding counties

  • Rush Service. (Service due with 7 - 5 days notice.) at least 3 attempts made. $80 for St. Louis County, $100 for surrounding counties. Clients who have sent us 10 or more papers qualify for having 5 Rush Serves done at no extra charge.

  • Emergency Serves. ( Service due with 4 or less days notice) first service attempt within 24 hours of receiving documents. at least 1 attempt made. $175 for all counties. 

  • Post serve - $40 (This is on eviction cases, if we can not personally or substitute serve the defendant and we have to post it.) 

  • Any questions about service rates or discounts please call or email

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