What we offer.

Elliott Process LLC is unique in its standards for our clients. We offer 5 different methods our servers perform to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your documents were served. This is industry leading and it serves to eliminate the chances of cases being dismissed due to bad service, costing you and your clients time and money. 

  • Before our servers even get out of the vehicle a picture of the residence is performed. 

  • That picture is water marked with the date, time, and coordinates of the servers location. 

  • All serves are audio recorded in states that allow one party recording to ensure every interaction is documented. This protects our servers and our clients from any false allegations made about the performance of the service. 

  • Servers attempt to receive a signature from the individual the documents are left with. 

  • We utilize software, which geo tags where each server is at when they make their attempt to ensure accuracy and transparency. 

  • Our clients can view all of these proofs by accessing our client portal, along with being given E-Mail updates about each document they need served. 

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